Boston STEM Fair 2019: For Parents and Kids

Sponsored by BostonTechMom, the 2019 Boston STEM Fair in Lexington, MA gave families a showcase of local organizations that offered innovative STEM programs for children and teens. Parents and children enjoyed talking with directors, instructors, and representatives of STEM organizations and took part in lively hands-on activities and interactive demos.

Emphasizing experiential learning and a hands-on approach, the organizations represented a wide variety of subjects including robotics, engineering, coding, science, entrepreneurship, math, pre-college programs, and college planning.

The goal of the event was to raise awareness for STEM education, and introduce families to after-school and summer programs that would spark their child’s interest and encourage them to explore and learn. Building on the successful 2017 and 2018 events, the 2019 event met its goal and connected families with providers to give children great STEM experiences.

Massachusetts is home to many creative, high-quality STEM programs, run by outstanding, innovative organizations. To get a sense of what’s available and discover programs for your child, take a look at the organizations that participated in the 2019 event.

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