STEM Consulting Services

I am available on a consulting basis to advise and assist organizations and startups who wish to better understand the world of after-school and summer STEM programs.

Typical clients include

  • entrepreneur or business exploring the opportunities within this dynamic and growing space
  • a national STEM program provider looking to enter a new geographic market
  • a foundation or public agency wishing to fund quality STEM programs for kids
  • a college or university considering hosting STEM program providers on campus
  • a community organization like a library or after-school program that wants to offer STEM activities

In particular, I help program providers explore

  • business development
  • product-market fit
  • customer segmentation
  • marketing and promotion
  • the value proposition of a new or existing offering

I can also help with STEM program planning:

  • For organizations that are considering offering STEM programming, like colleges, universities, libraries, and after-school programs, and aren’t sure where to start or don’t have the staff to research options
  • After discussing your vision, I’ll brainstorm with you and your team about your objectives and options. The discussion can cover broad issues like the market and target demographics to specific programs.
  • Deliverables will vary with your needs, but for many clients I deliver a report with a set of specific recommendations.
  • If desired, I can initiate and broker relationships with specific providers.

Let’s chat

I am glad to share my expertise in the field of STEM education. I’ve been researching, reviewing, and blogging about STEM programs for elementary, middle school, and high school-aged children for more than ten years. I have produced the Boston STEM Fair, a showcase for local STEM programs for families, for several years. And I provide individualized consulting services to families who need help sorting through the rich array of available programs to find the right ones for their children.

Whatever your interest and need, contact me!

I am available on an hourly or project fee basis. Let’s talk about how I can help you and your organization, and how we can best structure the engagement.

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