Your Kids Will Rule Their Rooms With littleBits New Invention Kit


Today I’m sharing a clever new invention kit by littleBits called “Rule Your Room Kit.” As I have written before, we’re big fans of littleBits in our family. littleBits are electronic modules with tiny circuit boards that include functions like lights, sounds, sensors, and motors. littleBits are educational toys that help kids learn about electronics and explore in a fun, playful and inventive way. All the blocks are color-coded, magnetic and reusable, and each kit comes with step-by-step invention guides plus additional ideas to invent on your own. In case you’re wondering, there is no soldering or wiring required!

littleBits Rule Your Room Kit

About Rule Your Room Kit

The folks at littleBits reached out to let me know about their new kit, Rule Your Room, which enables kids to create, personalize and hack their rooms with interactive features. littleBits explained they designed this specifically for kids who like to break things open and see how they work. I was impressed to hear they worked closely with over 50 kids to learn about their interests, visiting classrooms and homes.

littleBits offered to send me a kit to try out with my kids. I thought it was a great concept– what kid doesn’t want to do something really cool to their room like add a burglar buzzer or something to prank their mom or keep their siblings out?

  • The kit costs $99.95 and is available from the littleBits shop and Amazon.
  • The kit gets you started with seven Bits, accessories, and a step-by-step guide to create eight interactive inventions.
  • This is the first kit to include the MaKey MaKey bit, which allows you to create touch-activated inventions to control your stuff– like using fruits and vegetables to control your computer.
  • Rule Your Room is recommended for children ages are 8-13; no prior littleBits experience is needed.

See What We Made

My 11-year old daughter and I sat down and decided to do the “Moving Collage” project, which meant adding animation to something she personally created. My daughter enjoys art projects, so I thought this was right up her alley. A few years back she made a life-size froggy at summer camp. He still lives in our foyer! We decided to give him a movable tongue that had a caught a fly. My daughter gained experience using the littleBits electronics parts– which were new to her– and she got to see how to turn something that was static into something interactive.

This kit is a lot of fun and is a great way to introduce electronics and creative design to children. If your child is new to littleBits, this is a good starter kit. The guides are really helpful too, making it something you can do together. If you complete the eight inventions, you can take the Invent a Kitchen Contraption Challenge, or remix any of the eight inventions.


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