MIT Splash 2023 for High School Students

It’s time to register for MIT Splash! Splash is a weekend-long learning extravaganza for high school students in grades 9-12, featuring over 200 classes taught by MIT students and community members on diverse and fun topics, including STEM and more!

Register now! This year’s program runs on November 18-19, 2023.

MIT Splash 2023 Flyer

Here’s a sample of this year’s courses:

  • What’s in a Nuclear Reactor?
  • Introduction to the Achaemenid Empire
  • Free Space Laser Communications 
  • How do tiny ninja squids glow in the dark?
  • Putting the neural in neural networks 
  • Cryptography: the art of keeping secrets
  • Stars, Sundials, and Shadows 
  • Making Cream Puffs! 

Registration Details

  • Register online by 11:59PM EDT on Sunday, October 29, and enter your lottery preferences for the two-day program on Saturday, November 18 and Sunday, November 19
  • See the full course catalog
  • Participants: 9th-12th-grade students
  • Location: MIT campus (Cambridge, MA)
  • Cost: $50 for the entire weekend of classes (generous financial aid is available)
  • Questions: Contact [email protected]

Other Splash Programs

In addition to MIT’s program, there are several upcoming Splash programs at other universities in Massachusetts. Find Splash programs at colleges throughout the country here.

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