Think Like a Problem Solver: A Great Way to Get Kids Interested in STEM


I often hear from parents who say their child is not interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). Kids will make statements like, “I do not like math or science,” or “I’m not good at math and science,” or “I am not interested in learning about science, engineering or computer programming.” Recognizing that technology

Boston STEM Fair Highlights


A curiosity for technology was in the air at the recent Boston STEM Fair for parents and kids. The goal was to raise awareness for science, technology, engineering and math, and introduce families to a wide variety of excellent programs, including coding, robotics, rocket design, science, tech entrepreneurship and more. Today, I am going to

Best Websites for Finding STEM High School Internships

Student intern with coworker

Internships are not just for college students anymore. Today, it’s possible for students to get work experience in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields through high school internships.  For the curious and motivated student, an internship can provide valuable work experience and help a student build knowledge in specific subject matters, explore interests on

Enjoy a Special Discount for iD Tech Summer Computer Camps 2017

iD Tech summer computer camp

I am delighted to announce a special discount for BostonTechMom readers at iD Tech computer camps. You can save $100 off a camp or $35 on a Mini camp. This offer is good through the entire summer camp season and expires 8/31/17. Take advantage of the offer by entering the promo code “BOSTONTECH17” when you

Boston STEM Fair 2017: For Parents and Kids

High School students. Group of students working together at laboratory class.

Are you looking for engaging, enriching and fun science, technology, engineering and math programs for your children? Would you like to get them involved in out-of-school STEM programs and activities this school year and summer? If the answer is “Yes!,” then mark your calendar because you are invited to the Boston STEM Fair on Sunday,

Guide to Finding STEM Sponsored Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

Money and piggy bank

In today’s article, I want to make you aware of specific state-sponsored programs that allow you to pay off student loans when you pursue a career in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). For quite some time, public service loan forgiveness programs have been offered by the government, helping people pay off their debt when

Start Making!: How to Start a Maker Program in Your Classroom or After School Program

Make Start Making!

Are you familiar with the “Maker Movement?” It’s a growing movement around the world where people of all ages participate in hands-on, tech-inspired, do-it-yourself (DIY) projects based on an individual’s interests and ideas. I am a big supporter of the Maker culture because it’s a great way to introduce design and making project concepts to