2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Educational Toys for Kids Who Love Building, Science and Engineering

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Now that it’s December, it is time to come up with a great list of gifts for your kids and find toys that won’t collect dust in a corner after the holidays are over. It’s also a season that can be busy and stressful. The challenge to find the ideal toy that’s both entertaining and educational can make or break your festive spirit.

But wait no further, I have a STEM holiday gift guide that will help take your stress away!

This year the friendly and knowledgeable folks at Noodle (an education website for parents and students) have come up with 3 terrific STEM holiday gift lists as part of their Season’s Guide to Educational Toys that I am excited to share with you. They have made the research process super easy because they partnered with Parents’ Choice Foundation to pick A+ rated toys. As a parent, it means a lot to me to know that the toys have been vetted and endorsed by the nation’s oldest nonprofit guide to quality children’s media and toys.

Noodle_Educational Toys_2015

If you are looking to find unique STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) toys this season, then check out these carefully selected gift lists. The toys are meant to inspire kids who love building things, science and engineering and to spur their imaginations for future careers.

I asked the Editor-in-Chief at Noodle, Suzanne Podhurst, why they chose Architect, Scientist and Engineer as themes for their gift list and she said, “All three of these are growth fields, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics- we’re expecting to see a lot more architects, scientists, and engineers in the coming years. The toys on these lists also develop crucial skills while allowing kids to do activities that many already enjoy:  building and conducting experiments.”

Each link below will take you directly to the toy list. Here’s what you can expect to find:

  • Toys range in ages from 3 years to 13 years old
  • Toys cost between $15- $110; many are $50 or under
  • Each toy has a helpful description so you can see if it will appeal to your child
  • Every toy has a link so you can purchase it online

1) Future Architect: Toys for Kids Who Love Building

Are you raising a future Frank Lloyd Wright or Josef Albers? Help feed children’s imaginations by letting them create their own worlds with wooden shapes, magnets, and more. Transform the way your child sees the world with these educational toys to inspire your future architect.

2) Future Scientist: Toys for Kids Who Love Science

If you’ve got a miniature botanist, bioengineer, or detective in your life, you’ll want to inspire curiosity this holiday season through education disguised as play. Parents can teach budding scientists about engaging with the natural world — from underwater to outer space — with these educational toys.

3) Future Engineer: Toys for Kids Who Love Engineering

Parents of builders, machine-lovers, and problem-solvers, give your children something to engineer, explore, and experiment with this holiday season. Help inspire your children to become the makers of tomorrow with these educational toys.

I had a lot of fun perusing the gifts on each list and think there is a great selection of unique, affordable toys for a variety of ages. Thanks to the folks at Noodle and Parents’ Choice for helping make the holidays a little easier for parents!

About Noodle

Noodle is an education website helping parents and students make better decisions about learning. Using our interactive search tools, families can find the right preschool, college, tutor, or any other learning resource. In addition, they can read expert­-authored articles, ask questions and get answers from some of the leading minds in education, and connect with others in their communities.

About Parents’ Choice

Parents’ Choice Foundation, established in 1978 as a 501(c)3, is the nation’s oldest nonprofit guide to quality children’s media and toys. Best known for the Parents’ Choice Awards® program, Parents’ Choice is a trusted, independent resource for recommending toys, games and media that bridge the classroom and the playroom. The Parents’ Choice Award Seals are the Foundation’s internationally recognized and respected icons.

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