Submission Guidelines

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Thank you for your interest in joining BostonTechMom’s STEM program directory. Our goal is to provide parents with a comprehensive list of STEM programs in Massachusetts and beyond.

In order to keep the directory timely and accurate, please follow the guidelines below. In particular, please keep your listings current—review them regularly and update them if your information changes.

Basic Guidelines

  • The organization must align with our mission, offering STEM or STEAM activities to young people or hosting programs led by STEM program providers.
  • Provider and specific program details must match listing descriptions, including age, interests, and type.
  • The website URL must be associated with the organization and/or program.
  • The person submitting the entry must have an email that matches the domain name of the provider.

Listing-Specific Guidelines

While we have some general guidelines, every program is unique — so feel free to create your listing as you see fit. We do reserve the right to edit listings before publication to maintain the consistency and quality of the site. If you would like to talk about the specifics of your listing, please contact us.

  • Describe your program concisely, and highlight its unique features so families can easily distinguish between listings.
  • Please don’t include URLs or contact information in your description text. There are other special fields for that information, and it will show on the listing.
  • Please don’t include information that can become outdated, like special pricing offers or scheduling details. Interested families will see that on your website.
  • If your organization has multiple locations, we encourage you to create one listing for each location. This will enable parents to find your programs based on distance from their zip code.
  • If you run summer camps, after-school programs, and vacation camps, you can create a listing for each location.
  • If you offer multiple classes or programs in one location, please use only one location listing — don’t create a listing for every program or program type. We will direct families to your website so they can see your detailed offerings.
  • A club that meets regularly throughout the year can appear as a single listing.
  • Internship programs may appear as a single listing; if the same organization sponsors multiple internships we recommend displaying them all within a single listing.
  • A college or university department that runs multiple programs can create a unique listing for each program.
  • Although the directory is currently focused on Massachusetts, we are expanding to include programs throughout New England. We welcome submissions for programs outside of Massachusetts and encourage you to submit your listing, especially if you are near the Massachusetts state line. If users search for programs based on specific geographies, your program will be included in the search results.