littleBits DIY Electronics: Perfect for LEGO-Loving Teens

littleBits and LEGO

I’m all for hands-on engineering activities that kids can do at home, and my latest “cool tech” find is littleBits.  littleBits are simple electronic modules that, when combined, can create complex systems. I learned about littleBits from a recent Popular Science article, and when I did my research, I knew they sounded perfect for my LEGO-loving, 13-year-old

MaKey MaKey Lets Kids Build and Test Computer-Based Applications

MaKey MaKey Pencil Joystick to Play Pacman

Would you like your child to be involved in hands-on engineering activities that allow them to dream up, build, and test computer-based applications? Well, then it’s time to try MaKey MaKey, an easy-to-use Invention Kit that taps into the inquisitive nature of young children and teenagers. MaKey MaKey is an Invention Kit for kids who

Want your child to learn computer programming? Start with Scratch.

Scratch Cat

Is 8-years old too young to learn computer programming? I don’t think so. Every child should get an introduction to computer programming and some hands-on experience at a young age– while they’re still receptive to trying new things. Even if they don’t aspire to be an engineer, it’s important to get an understanding of basic