Year-Round Planning

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BostonTechMom’s year-round planning service is a great starting point for families who want to supplement in-school education with STEM enrichment programs and activities throughout the school year and summer. You’ll answer a few questions about your child’s interests and your family’s needs, and I’ll research the best options for you.

Finding the right after-school STEM program is a challenge.

Let BostonTechMom help.

After getting to know you and your child and your mutual aspirations, I research a “short list” of carefully chosen options that are customized to your child and your family. I’ll use my practical knowledge and years of experience to research and present STEM programs that meet your criteria and offer your child a pathway to continued learning.

My suggestions are based on the specific needs, interests, and experiences of your child, as well as the family budget and any other factors you specify. You’ll get a report that summarizes my findings and considerations for your child, for the school year and beyond. Each consultation is unique.

Cyndi at BostonTechMom found several programs within local driving distance that met my requirements. She delivered a list with very thorough descriptions, including schedule and cost information, and in some cases spoke with program coordinators to get more details and ensure that it would be a good fit for us. - Michelle, Arlington, MA

How it Works

Step 1: Tell me about your child. Complete a free, no-obligation year-round STEM questionnaire.

Step 2: Preliminary evaluation. I will let you know if there are opportunities that meet your criteria and if I believe I can be helpful in researching and suggesting programs for your child. Turnaround time: 1-2 weeks.

Step 3: If you decide to work with BostonTechMom, you’ll get the following services:

  • Free initial review and evaluation (based on the initial questionnaire).
  • Research, vetting, and selection of school-year and summer STEM programs based on your criteria and your child’s age, preferences and interests, and previous experiences.
  • A written report (via email) that discusses your child’s unique needs, presents a list of 4-5 options, and thoroughly details their features (including schedule and pricing), as well as the level of fit for your child. View a sample report.
  • Additional consulting time, after delivery of the customized plan, available upon request for an additional fee.

Turnaround time: Allow for 3-4 weeks and please note that program start/end dates vary by organization.

Consultation Fee

The initial assessment of your questionnaire is free.

The service fee for your customized STEM plan is $300. This fee must be paid before the research begins, via PayPal. Once research has begun, the service fee is non-refundable.

Please note: BostonTechMom does not receive program referral compensation from any STEM organizations. Our suggestions are based solely on our research, knowledge of the programs, and your stated preferences for your child.

Ready to Start?

Fill out your STEM questionnaire now. Or contact me directly and let’s talk about how I can help.