2020 Online STEM Summer Camps


With the uncertainties of COVID-19, the summer camp experience will be different this year. In some states it may be permitted, while in others it will not. How can you give your STEM enthusiast an absorbing, structured summer experience without sending him or her to an in-person camp? In response to this need, a number

Get STEAM Lesson Plans from the Winchester High School STEM Education Club


I really admire when young people take their time and effort to volunteer and mentor other young students. Today I am delighted to share the work of the Winchester High School STEM Education Club. These STEM enthusiasts want to help families out during school closures and are sharing a STEM resources website they created. The site

Instructor-Led Online STEM Courses for Your Kids

Teen_girl_learning on_her_laptop

If you are working from home and your children’s school is closed, you may be scrambling to find activities to engage their attention while you work. While there are many online resources for kids—with more being added every day by great organizations of all kinds—many of them require parental assistance or attention. And while many