Massachusetts Makerspaces: Where Kids Invent, Tinker and Create


The maker culture or “do-it-yourself” (DIY) movement is widespread and thriving and it spans all ages, from adults and teens to young children. People who are part of the maker movement have a desire to use their imagination and ingenuity to design and make things. The maker community celebrates an inventive mindset and promotes self-learning,

Maker Faire Events in Massachusetts

Maker Faire

Attending a Maker Faire is a wonderful way to meet local inventors, crafters, tech enthusiasts, educators, artists, students, and organizations who are excited to show you their creations, hobbies, and projects and talk about what they have learned. A Maker Faire is like your school’s science fair but on a grand scale! Maker Faire was

Start Making!: How to Start a Maker Program in Your Classroom or After School Program

Make Start Making!

Are you familiar with the “Maker Movement?” It’s a growing movement around the world where people of all ages participate in hands-on, tech-inspired, do-it-yourself (DIY) projects based on an individual’s interests and ideas. I am a big supporter of the Maker culture because it’s a great way to introduce design and making project concepts to