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BostonTechMom is your resource for children’s STEM opportunities. Here you’ll find practical, unbiased information about engaging programs for students from kindergarten through high school.

The website covers a wide range of formats—after-school classes and clubs, summer camps, one-day workshops, and special events. Programs cover subjects like engineering, coding, biotechnology, robotics, math, environmental and natural science, entrepreneurship, and STEAM (art with STEM). There’s enough variety to meet the needs of every child and family!

Finding STEM Programs

BostonTechMom offers parents different ways to find the right program: the blog and special resources, and the compilation of national STEM programs. You can link to all of these resources directly from this page.

Blog For Parents

Resources For Parents

100+ STEM Summer Camps in Massachusetts

Massachusetts offers a wide variety of STEM summer camps for your kids. Get ideas and check out this list of distinctive camps throughout the state. The best time to start searching is the winter because some camps fill up fast.

After School and Summer Coding Classes for Kids in Massachusetts

If you are looking for a coding class or summer camp for your child, this list will help you find a program in Massachusetts.

Math Programs for Kids in Massachusetts

There is a variety of math programs available in Massachusetts. Whether you are searching for a program that offers extra challenge outside the classroom or you want to help build your child’s confidence by giving them additional support, you will find a diverse array of math enrichment classes, camps, competitions, and clubs.

Massachusetts Makerspaces for Kids and Families

Being part of a makerspace is a great opportunity for kids to build real-world STEAM skills. We are fortunate to have makerspaces located around Massachusetts where kids can work on their own projects and attend maker workshops. Check out the list of makerspaces here.

Nationwide Robotics Teams for Kids

Learn about five nationally recognized robotics programs for kids K-12. Join a team and your kids will learn about engineering, design, coding, and teamwork, and even get to experience friendly competition.

Best Websites for Finding STEM High School Internships

If your child is interested in a STEM internship in high school, learn about the best websites to find active listings.

STEM High School Internships in Massachusetts

Here is a list of STEM high school internship programs in Massachusetts. Most are offered during the summer but there are a few available during the school year too.

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