Fun littleBits Projects for Kids- 2018

Are you looking for littleBits projects your kids can do at home? I am excited to share a list of some of the newest littleBits STEAM inventions of 2018. Many of these projects, which incorporate technology and art, were created by kids themselves- how cool is that?! I love how the maker of littleBits showcases projects on their website, giving everyone the opportunity to find ideas, share information, and demonstrate the creative things people are making with electronics.

New to littleBits?

littleBits is a platform of easy-to-use electronic blocks (aka “Bits”) that have functions like lights, sounds, sensors, and motors. Kids explore and learn about electronics by building and testing combinations of Bits and seeing what they can do. Working on projects and making inventions is the way most kids use their Bits. The great thing about littleBits is that you don’t need to have any previous experience to build and create with them.

littleBits Droid Inventor Kit

Project Ideas

Here is a list of 10 delightful hands-on littleBits projects for ages 8 to 15. I hope you will find inspiration in these projects and get ideas for your own.

Click on each link for details and project instructions. Each project description tells you what littleBits modules and accessories you will need, along with any other necessary materials, tools or code.

  1. Squishy Popcorn Dispenser: Create an automatic popcorn dispenser that doesn’t make popcorn, but it dispenses popcorn squishies.
  2. Croq’cat: Create a conveyor belt that distributes food from a pet’s container to its bowl.
  3. Chocolate Catapult: Build a device that will deliver chocolate right into your hand.
  4. Buzzer Alarm: Make your own alarm clock that buzzes when daylight appears.
  5. Bean Bag Toss: Design your own carnival game.
  6. Football for 4 Players: Build your own soccer goal and goalkeeper using the littleBits Code Kit.
  7. DiscoRobot: Build a remote-controlled robot that plays sounds and songs.
  8. Home Coded Game With littleBits Controllers: Build wireless video game controllers.
  9. Small Candy Dispenser: Construct a machine that gives out candy.
  10. The Claw Machine: Invent an arcade-like claw machine to catch as many toys as you can.

littleBits Popcorn Dispenser Project

Find more projects ideas

In addition to the projects listed above, you can get more project ideas at littleBits’ Invention hub. You can also find additional littleBits projects from an article I wrote a few years ago.

Finally, littleBits recently introduced Hall of Fame Kits, meant to interest kids in creating, playing, and inventing through an entry-level price point and invention experience. At $39.99 each, littleBits’ Hall of Fame Kits can be purchased individually; however, all of littleBits’ electronic blocks work together, so the Hall of Fame Kits can be combined to create even larger inventions.

Image Credit: littleBits


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